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Everyone Should Be Killed-1994

This is Anal Cunt's first full length album. It's an HOUR long. That's right. One full hour of "WAHHHH!!!! WAHHHHHHHHH!!! WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" If you have low tolerance for this stuff,it will drive you insane.
Also,Anal Cunt re-recorded EVERYTHING from Morbid Florist(Except for "Hello,I Love You","Siege" and "I Don't Wanna Dance"). They also added a bunch of new stuff. On a postive note,some of their new stuff has hilarious song titles.
Now,lets examine this bitch in all it's glory. It has 58 songs that are mostly less then a minute long.

1:Some Songs This is actually better then the original. The drumming is more intense.
2:Some More Songs
3: Blur Including New H.C. Song
4:Even More Songs
5:Tim Yes. They're using their own names as song titles.
7: Spin Cycle AKA what this entire album sounds like.
8: Song #8 A very fitting name.
9: Pavorotti
10:Unbelievable The Morbid Florist version is better.
11:Music Sucks
12:Newest H.C. Song #1 This one is only 14 seconds long.
13:Chiffon and Chips
14:Guy Smiley There is an actual riff on this one and Seth shouts "1,2,3,4" but for the most part it's just noise.
15: Seth Seth does a really long "YAAAHHHHHHHHH" at the beginning.
16:I'm Not Allowed to Like A.C. Any More Since They Signed to Earache The second best song on this album! Mostly because the band manages to slow things down a bit.
17:A. Ex. A Blur
19:I'm Wicked Underground
20: Blur Including G
21:Shut Up Mike It's just Seth yelling at his former guitarist.
22:Abomination of Unnecessarily Augmented Composition Monickers
23:Radio Hit Again,the Morbid Florist version is better.
25:When I Think of True Punk Rock Bands, I Think of Nirvana and the Melvins I kinda get the part about Nirvana,but not the Melvins.
26:Eddy Grant It's a cover of "Electric Avenue". Seth does some of the lyrics,then just screams stuff.
27:MTV Is My Source for New Music
28:Song Titles Are Fucking Stupid
29:Having to Make Up Song Titles Sucks
30:Well You Know, Mean Gene...
31:Song #5 Not sure if this version is better,or the Morbid Florist one. EDIT:I relistened to both,this version is better,but the Morbid Florist version is more sinister.
32:Iron Funeral This song has appeared on previous Anal Cunt EP's(but not Morbid Florist). It's a rather slow song.
33:Chapel of Gristle Isn't that a band? Naming songs after bands now?
34:Hellbent for Leatherman Seth does a joke falsetto at the beginning.
35:Alcoholic The best song on the album! Yeah,Seth is still screaming nonsense,but there is a riff and it's pretty nice!
36:Chump Change
37:Slow Song from Split 7
38:Les Binks' Hairstyle
39:Newest H.C. Song #2
40:Greatful Dead Again.
41:Ageing Disgracefully
42: Brutally Morbid Axe of Satan
43:Surfer There is a cool riff at the beginning. Sadly,it goes away in a few seconds.
44:You Must Be Wicked Underground If You Own This
45:Choke Edge Seth imitates "Choke" from Slapshot. It also has a cool riff at the beginning.
46: Otis Sistrunk This has a cool riff! Why can't all the songs on this album have riffs like it? Why must some of them be barely listenable noise?
47:Russty Knoife
48:Fred BashThis one is about Fred Ordonez. Seth may be mocking him in this song. Apparently the band hates him now.
49:Guess Which 10 of These Are Actual Song Titles AKA Which ones weren't made up on the spot?
50: Our Band Is Wicked Sick (We Have the Flu)
51:Guy le FleurThis one has a cool funky riff.
52:Song #3
53:Empire Sandwich Shop
54:Morrissey Again. Also,when Seth growls "Morrissey" this time it's MORE unintelligible then the original.
55:Selling Out By Having Song Titles on His Album Does getting your first studio album made count as "selling out"?
56:Grindcore Is Very Terrifying Indeed it is.
57:Song #6 Seth's vocals are weaker and more forced on this version. The Morbid Florist version is better.
58:Guy Lombardo Again!? Why do they insist on rerecording this song over and over again?

So there you have it. 58 tracks of noise. Well,for the most part. Seth STILL isn't screaming actual lyrics,even though Anal Cunt has been around for six years by this point. As for the guitars and drums,they are mostly used to make random noise,but some songs do have an actual riff.
If you're willing to endure an hour of grindcore noise(with a few actual riffs mixed in),then this album is for you.
Anal Cunt's first studio album. I wonder what people thought when this thing first hit the shelves? Did they return it because they thought it was broken or something?
Best song on this…

Everyone Should Be Killed Earache Records
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